Candida Diet

Addressing Parasites, Fungus, and Molds with Oxygen

The most common benefits from increasing the oxygen level of the body is in the elimination of anaerobic bacteria and organisms internally. Candida albicans or human yeast is primarily an anaerobic organism, which means that it can be effectively destroyed by increasing oxygen to the body through oral supplementation, over several weeks of time. The benefit is that since oxygen travels to every cell of the body, the yeast or candida organism is addressed and killed no matter where it may be residing.

Another area of potential benefit is with other anaerobic organisms. These would include some molds, fungus, and some specific parasites. Not all of these organism are anaerobic but the majority of those that can be harmful to the body are sensitive to oxygen. We have seen cases of severe nail fungus totally eliminated for example, by simply bombarding the affected area with oxygen donating compounds several times per day.

Oxygen is what we call the “Universal Detoxifier” meaning that it is used by the body to protect itself and to cleanse itself from a wide variety of potentially harmful organisms. Most people are oxygen deficient because of a lack of exercise, pollution in the air, and inactive shallow breathing. As a result when these opportunistic organisms and bacteria get inside the body they can often explosively multiply without adequate oxygen to control them. By increasing the oxygen available to the body its universal detoxification properties are enhanced, preventing these organisms from taking over our internal environment. Check back soon for more info on the best candida cleansing and if you would like to ask any questions just call Dr Whiting at 1-888-454-8464.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Oxygen has been in use internally ever since the late 1800's. The military often uses it to preserve dairy products on long boat voyages. The use of oxygen in general can be dangerous if it is not done properly. By controlling the release of oxygen trough buffering, it can be made completely safe and very effective.

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