Alcohol, Yeast, & Candida: Does it make it worse?

There is a lot of information on the internet indicating that alcohol and especially wine is bad for those with a candida overgrowth. You will also read that alcohol turns to sugar and is therefore not good for those with a yeast overgrowth. Let’s address these myths.

First of all we do not get a yeast overgrowth from our diet. If the junk food diet caused a yeast condition then surely everyone would have this problem and they don’t. So what about alcoholic drinks? Firstly alcohol does not turn to sugar – sugars turn to alcohol. Alcohol is NOT a carbohydrate – it’s an alcohol – the final stage of that chemical process. Wine does not “feed” the yeast once it becomes systemic. Wine, especially red wines, have so many potential health benefits that a glass or two every day has shown to have many pluses. That having been said we do need to keep in mind the caloric value of alcoholic beverages, especially if you are dieting. Wine, on average has 140 calories per 6 ounce glass. Hard liquors such as vodka, gin rum and whiskeys have 95 calories per ounce. These calories come from the alcohol and not from “sugars”. If you suspect you have a Yeast Overgrowth or Candida just take my FREE TEST and I then call me at 1-888-454-8464 and we can talk about what the next step is.

The concept that yeast grows on fermented foods and sugars is untrue. We know those people that have been following one or more of these so-called candida diets, sometimes for months or years and the day they go off that unhealthy eating program all their symptoms come back with a vengeance. When it comes to alcohol, moderation is the best approach, but certainly, if you want a glass of wine with your dinner or a cocktail before dinner go right ahead – it will NOT make your yeast problem any worse. Check back soon for more information on what to eat on a candida diet.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    I am not sure where this widespread concept of cerrtain foods cause candida overgrowth came from but it is not based on any science. When certain foods are avoided the symptoms of yeast overgrowth can definitely improve but this is due to the negative effect these foods can have on your immune system. Once these food are reintroduced all the symptoms of candida overgrowth return almost immediately.

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