Amazon Diabetes Supplement & Candida

Amazon Diabetes Supplement & Candida

It is well-known that those with diabetes can experience a wide variety of other side effects, some of them quite serious. Treatment for diabetes must also address these other symptoms and issues. One of the concerns is a higher risk for yeast or candida overgrowth. This occurs because of the high levels of glucose in the blood as well as the pro-inflammatory hormone insulin. We encourage those with diabetes especially, to take our candida evaluation test, which can show if the person is at higher risk for yeast overgrowth issues. In managing diabetes naturally we look towards the diabetic diet, and reducing sugar cravings.

Blood sugar supplements are one of the best ways to control blood sugar naturally. We have found that the use of our oxygenated Aloe Vera supplement is an ideal support for those with type II diabetes because it helps the body to control yeast overgrowth. Since those with type II diabetes also can produce high amounts of excess toxins due to the activity of excess insulin in the body; a body cleanse or detox by the use of oxygenated Aloe Vera can also help to rid the body of these unwanted toxins.

Since yeast infections can be both local and systemic oxygenated Aloe Vera can address either situation. Oral oxygen supplements have been used for many decades in assisting the body in eliminating anaerobic organisms.

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