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Apple Cider Vinegar Gut Flora

Apple Cider Vinegar Gut Flora seems to become the latest craze. It has joined the long, long line of natural products and nutrients that marketing people have managed to make superhuman in their abilities. That does not mean that Apple cider vinegar has no value because it certainly does. In order to understand the benefits of apple cider vinegar versus the-marketing, we merely have to look at what Apple cider vinegar does when you ingest it. Since all vinegars are highly acidic it stands to reason that when we consume them we will be increasing the acid and decreasing the pH of the stomach. This is exactly where the benefit of apple cider vinegar and in fact any vinegar possesses. The stomach is a naturally acidic organ. Its primary purpose is to break down proteins into individual amino acids for absorption at the cellular level. In addition, the acidifying nature of the stomach also assists in making major minerals like calcium magnesium and others more bioavailable to the rest of the body. Any process within the body that relies on acidification of minerals or the breakdown of proteins would indirectly benefit from the consumption of vinegar.

The reason why Apple cider vinegar is most popular, and by the way it has been in and out of vogue for the last 50 years, is because it is gentle and less harsh to consume. So with this picture in mind, what other possible benefits would acidifying the stomach with apple cider vinegar provide? Certainly by making major minerals more available it would indirectly help to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. Because of the ability of the stomach to break down and assimilate proteins apple cider vinegar would contribute to that process, helping to improve collagen proteins and overall skin tone. Hopefully you can now see that Apple cider vinegar certainly has its place in our American diet, which is almost exclusively alkaline in nature due to over processing of foods and other issues. Hopefully you can also see that much of the apple cider vinegar craze is nothing more than marketing hype, and will eventually be replaced by the next wonder substance that the marketing people choose to grab hold of. You can accomplish the same thing as consuming apple cider vinegar but much, much more through the use of a Maximum Diestive Enzyme. These formulas should provide betaine hydrochloride to stimulate stomach acid as well as the raw materials necessary to be able to manufacture key enzymes so that the digestive system may easily digest not only proteins but carbohydrates and address the emulsification of fats. More info about diabetes yeast infection coming in July so make sure to check back then.

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