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Beauty from oxygen

When we think of things that help to enhance our external beauty we often think of skin creams lotions and of course make up but since beauty comes from within and is a reflection of internal wellness; detoxification of the body is extremely important. Since your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is responsible for a great deal of detoxification through perspiration and other activities, it can be a reflection of the internal state of being. Increasing the oxygen of the interior of the body accelerates detoxification from a wide variety of substances. This can be seen for example, with athletes who specialize in endurance training.

Their skin is often near-perfect blemish free and has a great tone. This is because of the increased oxygen to the interior of the body through such physical activity. For those of us who cannot or do not exercise at that level we can increase the oxygen level of the body through oral oxygen supplementation. Using an oxygenated aloe vera formula, we can increase the oxygen of the body and over time it can be reflected in the quality and tone of the skin. More info about diets for leaky gut coming in August so make sure to check back then.
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  1. Dr Whiting

    The benefits from increasing the oxygen to the body are wide reaching and this is just another example of how it can help keep your skin clear.

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