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The Benefits of a Liquid Supplement Tonic & Healthy Tonics

Liquid supplements are not new. We have been using one we developed for many years now. It does seem that more and more people want to return to the old days and find “taking a Tonic” to be not only easy but it makes them feel good about doing so. There are indeed several; benefits from a Full Spectrum liquid supplement. The problem is that liquids are very unstable and as such are usually offered in very low potency. Over 20 years ago we developed a method of stabilizing the nutrients in a liquid suspension, allowing us to create a mega potency formula that is stable and has significant shelf life. The advantages are that we can get a lot of nutrients between the molecules of water. Further, we can adjust the pH -a major factor in absorption, to the right level of the stomach. We can also easier adjust the ratio of one nutrient to the other, making the competition for space across cell membranes easier. If you are taking hands full of pills and want an easier way, consider the formula we developed and have been using with all our clients for many years. It’s called High Vitality Liquid also, check out the Liquid Oxygen Supplement that increases oxygen levels. Check back next month for more info about Adult Gummies.

Source, The Institute of Nutritional Science
Source, The Institute of Nutritional Science
Source, The Institute of Nutritional Science

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    The benefits of a liquid supplement tonic and healthy tonics are many. The most important of which is the high absorption rates we can achieve

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