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Oxygen kills candida and other yeasts, spores, fungus, and many molds. This fact has been established for over 30+ years with thousands of clients around the world. Why then are there sites on the internet that claim oxygen is ineffective against candida?

There may be several reasons for this. Those sites that tout special diets, probiotics, and herbal supplements of course want to sell their program. If the candida overgrowth is isolated to digestive system these programs are often very effective. However once the candida becomes systemic and leaves the digestive tract these programs are almost totally ineffective. In over 30 years of working with candida sufferers I have NEVER met one person who said that the strict unhealthy “candida diet” actually helped them. Oh yes they feel better on the diet because it eliminates immune-suppressant foods like sugars and refined carbohydrates, but the very day you go off the diet plan the symptoms return with a vengeance because it’s not a diet problem. Most sites don’t realize that there are two forms of candida overgrowth: localized and systemic and they MUST be addressed differently.

There are also sites that claim that candida can modify its metabolism and “adjust” to higher levels of oxygen. This is only partially true. While the organism can adapt to higher oxygen levels, this ability is very limited. If we raise the oxygen level above that threshold the organism simply dies. The good thing about the internet is that it puts virtually endless information at everyone’s disposal. The bad thing is that anything can be put on the internet whether it’s factual or not.

Here at The Institute of Nutritional Science we have been successfully helping many thousands of people eliminate their yeast overgrowth with the use of a safe, pleasant tasting oral oxygen supplement. After more than 30 years of doing so we are confident that the program works.

Take our candida test on this site to see how severe your issues may be. If you know you have a candida overgrowth you can obtain the same buffered oxygen supplement we use that is the best candida cleansing product simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body and thus addresses yeast overgrowth no matter where it is located.

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