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Candida and Depression

Depression is thought to be caused for the most part by an altered biochemistry. There are many chemicals and brain hormones that we use to maintain our biochemical balance. This is also true of the brain. We know that there are many factors that can affect brain chemistry such as stress, diet, lack of nutrients, and sleep deprivation. I think that the most direct link between a candida overgrowth and mood swings and depression is like a physical stress. Stress can come in the form of environmental, physical and mental or from our thought patterns. Candida puts a tremendous physical stress upon the body and as such if it goes on long enough, can certainly deplete the brain of some of its vital “feel good” hormones.

Until the candida is better brought under control there are several things you can do to help. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids especially water. Also exercise – a combination of resistance and cardio exercise is the best. Just be sure to keep the activities within your range of energy. As you proceed your endurance and strength should improve. Firstly however is to eliminate the excess yeast throughout the body and this is best done systemically, with liquid oral oxygen.

Keep in mind that more serious depression should be evaluated and treated by a qualified physician as this problem can often quickly accelerate into deeper and more serious brain chemical imbalance. If your depression is mild and seems to have started with the advent of the other yeast overgrowth symptoms, it is fairly certain that its causes would be linked to excess yeast overgrowth in part. Check back next week for more info on the best candida cleansing Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Mood swings are often one of the most prominent symptoms of excess yeast. This is due to the chemical changes the candida can cause once it becomes invasive throughout the body.

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  2. Mignon Weneck

    Received (8) bottles of Aloe Vera cleanse today. Thank you. When you have a chance please ship (1) bottle of Mega Doph that wasn't packed in box I got today. Here goes round two. I'm seeing great results and feeling like a new person but I know there is Candida still in my body. Never want to go through this nightmare again. Thanks so much. Mignon Weneck

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