Candida Symptoms

Candida and overseas travel

Candida is a naturally occurring organism within the human body. It is regulated and monitored by the friendly bacteria in the gut. It is also monitored by your immune system. Whenever your immune system becomes under active or over active yeast overgrowth is much more likely.

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When traveling abroad your body will be exposed to a wide variety of pathogens that may not be familiar to your immune system. As such this puts extra work on your immunity to identify and build antibodies to these potentially invading organisms. Under this circumstance yeast overgrowth may be more likely to occur. For example many women complain of getting yeast infections while traveling and blame it on everything from the weather to the hotel soap. The fact is most of the time it is due to immune stress. For this reason we suggest using our immune support formula called ImmuGuard and our Oxy Aloe, which increases the oxygen of your blood and boost immune response.

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