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Candida & high stress lifestyles

I have often said that any existing health challenge will inevitably be made worse during periods of excess stress. This is true for those with yeast overgrowth as well. When systemic candida is present it is already over stimulating your immune system. This accounts for the many people who develop so-called “adult onset allergies”, which are most often not true allergies at all but a response from an over stimulated immune system. Stress, when present to excess, further interrupts the natural function of the immune system due to its effect on the adrenal glands. This pathway can make the candida sufferer feel much worse.

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If excess stress is present, supporting the central nervous system as well as the adrenal glands is essential. How much is too much stress? That question must be answered by each individual. In essence any amount of stress that makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed is too much for you.

Dr Whiting’s, Special Report on Eliminating Candida

Stress management can come in the form of prayer, medication, biofeedback, and other such methods but it can also come in the form of key nutrient intake. We have identified the need for specific nutrients that the nervous systems as well as the adrenal glands require. Under periods of heightened stress the need for these nutrients in increasing amounts occurs. Under periods of excess stress the body can utilize up to 60 mg of Pantothenic Acid and B-Vitamin, per hour. The Daily Value or requirement is just 60 mg per day!!!

If you are dealing with a candida issue, especially if it has become systemic, take stock of your stress levels and if significant consider adding a high potency stress formula to your support program.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Stress often comes along with a yeast overgrowth for several reasons. We frequently use our Stress Eze formula along with the Oxy FLush with excellent results. Candida overgrowth is a stress to the body physically and combined with life's stresses can become overwhelming. Often those with candida overgrowth have sleeping issues, which the StressEze addresses very well.

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  2. Joan D

    I can fully agree with you on the whole stress connection. Every time I'm under extra stress whatever is going on gets worse! Is it OK to take your stress formula every day just to keep things a bit more calm?

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    • Dr Whiting

      Yes we have many clients who have been using the StressEze regularly for many years with only benefits and no side effects!!

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