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Candida and Weight Gain

It’s a less than ideal trait of many of us that once we identify a problem we want to overdo our efforts to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. This is understandable but not practical. The body can only detoxify from die off and other toxins at a certain rate, I talk more about this in my video Candida and Weight Gain. By overdoing this by doing several detox programs at once can produce serious but temporary discomfort. If you force detox too fast your system will not be able to keep up and the toxins will back up into your soft tissues, making symptoms worse instead of better. For this reason we do not generally recommend that you do any other detox programs at the same time as our Oxy Flush. One of the most annoying side effects of excess yeast overgrowth is weight gain. Since the yeast can have a negative impact on your thyroid as well as your metabolism excess can lead to weight gain. If any excess weight was gained due to candida overgrowth, it will slowly come back off again as the yeast is brought under control. Check out a real persons experience with candida and weight gain below:

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While our Flush is not a weight loss program specifically, it can help if the yeast has contributed to a slowing of your metabolism. Try our candida test if you think you might have systemic yeast problem. The Flush Kit contains a specialized probiotic, which we suggest you use at the end of each Flush. Many people however choose to use a high potency probiotic while doing the Oxy. This is perfectly fine as long as you observe the rule that the Oxy must be taken alone. This means take any probiotic you wish at a different time of the day from the Oxy.

A question we often get is concerning the body’s beneficial bacteria. Does the Oxy kill off the good stuff too? Generally no since the beneficial bacteria is mostly aerobic or oxygen-loving. Therapeutic doses of the Oxy such as we use during the candida Flush can upset the balance of bacteria, which is why we always use a specialized probiotic at the end to rebalance all the various bacterial strains. The only real rule when using our Oxy product is to take it on an empty stomach. If food is present the bacteria in that food can cause the oxygen to disassociate too rapidly and then much of the beneficial oxygen might be exhaled. Further the rapid release of oxygen can cause foaming, which can make some people feel ill.

Just remember to take each Oxy does 30 minutes before eating or drinking and there will be no issues at all. Taste is often another concern. If you have ever tried taking pure hydrogen peroxide in water (which we DO NOT recommend!!) you know how terrible it can taste. Our Oxy formula is flavored with sterilized fruit extracts so the taste is very pleasant. Not only does pure hydrogen peroxide taste terrible, but in its un-buffered state, releases way to rapidly causing foaming and possible burning of the throat and stomach. We have over 25+ years of experience in assisting those with the best candida cleansing on the internet.

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