Why Candida Can Mimic Fibromyalgia

When the candida organism escapes the digestive system and becomes systemic it most often takes up residence in the soft tissues of the body. Once there it can cause aches and pains as well as other symptoms that we regularly see in those suffering from fibromyalgia. When we consult with a fibromyalgia sufferer we always give them our candida evaluation. While many symptoms are similar there are distinct differences. If these differences are present it may mean that the person is suffering from candida overgrowth either in addition to fibromyalgia or instead of it.

By addressing the candida issue we can oftentimes greatly reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia or eliminate it altogether. We do feel that many people that are diagnosed with fibromyalgia may not have the condition after all. Since both issues often have very similar symptoms, designing a program to address both should always center on aggressive detoxification.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Often when a person follows our candida detox program their fibromyalgia symptoms disappear !!!

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