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Does Candida Cause Brain Fog and Fatigue?

The candida organism seeks places where there is lower oxygen. You can watch me explain this in greater detail in my video Candida and Yeast Infections and it also has the ability to migrate from one area of the body to another. One of the most common places for candida to reside and grow is in the sinuses. From there it’s just a short trip to cross the blood/brain barrier and get into that area. Once this happens it begins to affect your thinking, memory, and people often describe it as like having a helmet on and you are partially insulated from the world around you. This is likely caused by a combination of excess yeast throughout the body as well as an indication that the candida has crossed the blood/brain barrier. Our work with thousands of candida sufferers over the past 30 years has illustrated how frequent brain fog surfaces as a major symptom. Along with this fuzziness, many people also complain of short term memory issues. Fortunately as the yeast is cleared out of the body, these annoying issues also disappear. You can download and print my special report called Eliminating Systemic Yeast and Candida and be sure to take my FREE Candida and Yeast Test today, then call me at 1-888-484-8464, just ask for me, Dr Whiting.

Fatigue is probably the most common symptom in those with yeast overgrowth. As the body becomes more and more toxic from the byproducts of candida’s metabolism, as these toxins build up to the point where the body’s elimination system can no longer keep up, the fatigue sets in. Some people have so little energy left that they are bedridden for many hours during the day. Fatigue is a common factor in many low grade organisms once they are successful in multiplying out of control. Similar to other bacterial and viral infections, yeast overgrowth can affect many systems in the body such as your ability to recover from activity and negative effects on your immune system. Please take a minute to read the Oxy Aloe Clinical References. Check out just one of the amazing testimonials below:
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The best way to deal with the issues is to work towards eliminating the extent of yeast overgrowth. When this has become systemic the only thing that we have found to address this throughout the body is oxygen. Since the organism is basically anaerobic, increasing oxygen to the soft tissues, organs, and even to the brain is the most effective method of shutting down the yeasts metabolism and killing it. Be sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids during the Oxy Flush Kit Detox as this will help address the fatigue issue and assist your body in the die off elimination process. Check back next week for more info on treatments for Candida and The Candida Diet.

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    Brain fog or fuzziness can be a disturbing symptom and many people immediately think that something terrible may be wrong. Oftentimes it is just yeast overgrowth, especially f many other symptoms of candida are also present.

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