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Candida & Complications of Weight Loss

About 40% of the people we have worked with who were suffering from systemic candidiasis said that this problem negatively affected their weight. They either gained weight, couldn’t lose weight, or even lost weight in more rare situations. While it is not totally understood, candida overgrowth can alter body weight.

One link certainly would be the excess toxins produced by the yeast organisms. We know that a body that is toxic has an altered metabolism. In fact excess toxins in the body is one of the top ten reasons why people fail at weight loss. It is believed that the candida organism has the ability to also directly slow the resting metabolic rate, which would also contribute to a more difficult time in losing excess weight.

As the candida is killed off the metabolism most often returns to a healthier state and the excess pounds picked up are much easier lost. Recently we have been using our newest formula with candida sufferers who also are having weight loss difficulty. The formula is a detoxifying base with added herbs that are designed to assist with weight loss. This formula does not use any substances that will agitate the central nervous system so no jitters, rapid heartbeat, or other issues associated with say caffeine for example. The formula is being sold under the name “Slim Cleanse” and may be obtained from or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390. Also check back soon for more information on the best Candida Detox Diet.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    The Slim Cleanse formula has become one of Phoenix Nutritionals best selling products because it works!!! It's action is two fold: safely raising metabolism and detoxifying the liver and the organs of elimination, making it ideal for weight loss clients who are also suffering from excess yeast overgrowth.

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