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Candida Fungus And The Yeast Infection

The major cause of yeast infections is the overpopulation of Candida fungus. This Candida fungus is always present in the body. When there is any imbalance in the human body, then it causes a growth of candida fungus that appears as a yeast infection. This is most common in females, and specifically in the vaginal area, but can also be found in males and infants too.

It is not due to gender, but due to a favorable area for growth that a yeast infection can appear. It grows in warm and damp locations, hence, the vagina is the most ideal area for a yeast infection to spread. There are lots of therapies and a great deal of medicines prescribed for yeast infection. But, these medical treatments usually just stop the development of the yeast infection, and fail to totally eradicate it.

You could have problems like a urinary disorder, inflammations, vaginal discharge, vaginal smell, painful sex and sexual dysfunction, muscles ache, and so on due to a yeast infection. These symptoms differ from person to person, and they do change over time too. Managing all the pains that are caused by a yeast infection is really challenging. So sufferers are quite prepared to do almost anything to get cured of the condition.

Patients who want to get rid of the suffering are prepared to harmful medicines like boric acid without finding out about more effective natural remedies. Lots of people with yeast infections end up aggravated due to undesirable results of their therapies, since medications cannot stop the yeast infection from recurring time and time again.

This condition can return to the patient anytime with much more chronic suffering. If you have already attempted all the medical treatments available for a yeast infection, and found no relief, natural treatments are the very best choice, and are really the only choice for you in handling your yeast infection.

Here at the Candida Clinic we can help you with yeast infections and candida Cleanses. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleansing we have ever used simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body and thus addresses yeast overgrowth no matter where it is located.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    The majority of treatments for yeast or candida are most effective in the digestive and urinary tract. However once the yeast becomes systemic throughout the body, little or none of these methods are effective since they cannot reach the areas where the yeast is now growing. This is why we have settled on the use of buffered oxygen supplements. Since the candida organism is primarily an anaerobic organism, it is eliminated when the soft tissues are repeatedly oxygenated over time.

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