Candida & Immune Response

We know that candida overgrowth can place a significant burden on our immune system, resulting in false auto immune symptoms such as adult onset allergies. In those people who have had a yeast overgrowth for a long time we see the effects on their immune system even more significantly. This is why we often use an immune boosting and nourishing formula after the Oxy programs to help bring the immune system back into proper balance. Our protocol for doing this is similar to the one we recommend for those who often get to many colds and the flu each season. We suggest using our immune boosting formula at 2 capsules 2 or 3 times per day for a month. This aggressive protocol can rapidly rebalance your immune system and prevent the rebound effect, which can cause a temporary suppression of the immune response.

The formula is so effective that we have clients who use it every fall and spring and since doing so have never had a cold or the flu. Some for more than 10 years while others around them fall to these things several times a year. More info about the candida diet coming next month and make sure to check out my video Exposing Nutrition Myths.

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    The fine points of nutritional support for the body are often overlooked by authors touting one concept. The body is comopex and should be supported at as many levels as necessary to achieve the best results

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