Candida Symptoms

Candida Symptoms

When discussing the many possible symptoms related to yeast overgrowth, they can be wide and varried. Also, not everyone will experience the same issues. With that in mind, some issues may not be related to yeast overgrowth at all. We can only go by the cluster of issues present and see as we move along with the Oxy Formula as to what may be connected to yeast. If you will take our evaluation test on the home page of this site, it will give you a much better idea as to the many possible issues that can be linked to yeast overgrowth.

The symptoms that can come from systemic yeast overgrowth can vary greatly from person to person. This is because candida can affect so many systems in the body, such as digestion, nervous, and most especially the immune system. Over-stimulation of the immune system leads to adult onset “allergies”, which are likely not true allergies at all and often clear up as soon as the yeast overgrowthis under control.

Keep in mind that there are no specific lists of symptoms for yeast overgrowth. There are many potential issues but since everyone is different the issues may be different or in a different combination. The best way to get an overall view is to take our self-evaluation test on this site. It will not only give you a better understanding of the wide range of issues possible but also how severe your individual situation may be. Once you have completed the 3-part test and totaled the score, simply contact our office with the total!!

The symptoms of yeast overgrowth can vary greatly. Since this issue is so widespread, we recommend that you go to the home page of this website and fill out our self-test. This will give a good idea of how significant your issues are and will also show you the wide variety of issues that can be related to this overgrowth.

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