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Candida Transmission

There are several ways in which candida can over grow and eventually escape the gut and become systemic. The use of antibiotics, steroid drugs, and birth control medications are among the most common drugs that lead to candida overgrowth There is another way however that is often not addressed and that is sexual transmission. We first discovered the depth of this problem when we started seeing clients with candida overgrowth. At that time we were infusing oxygen intravenously and we would get the client, mostly women in those days, cleared up and sent home. Low and behold in a few months they were back with the same problem again. It turned out that their husbands also had a systemic yeast problem and they were giving the yeast back to their spouses during sexual intercourse.

We know this was the source of the problem because once we treat both partners the problem of recurrence stopped. If the man’s seminal fluid contains yeast organisms then they would start to grow in the vaginal region of the female. If her immune system was not strong enough to take care of that problem locally it would eventually break through the vaginal wall and become systemic once again.

This problem is often seen in couples where the woman gets repeated vaginal yeast infections and the cause cannot be explained. It is many times through repeated sexual transmission that sets her up for chronic vaginal issues. For this reason if a woman has this problem we always suggest that the spouse also take the Oxy Flush Kit to ensure that they are free from the possibility of constantly reinfecting each other. Males often show no outward symptoms of yeast overgrowth, which is why they are often skeptical that they may have a problem but they can be carriers and have very few symptoms. The most common symptoms of yeast overgrowth in men are jock itch, skin rashes, and nail fungus. Check back next week for more info on the candida diet.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    If you are female and suffer from repeated vagina yeast infections consider sexual transmission as a possible cause. There are other causes for this issue but this one if common and often overlooked.

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