Candida Symptoms

Candida Treatment and Candidiasis Symptoms

Candida Treatment on the internet is filled with articles indicating that a strong probiotic for candida treatment is the best route and taken in relatively large doses can eliminate candida overgrowth. This is both true and untrue.

If the candida overgrowth is isolated to the digestive system and urinary tract a high potency probiotic can be very helpful in eliminating this problem when used along with dietary changes. But if the candida overgrowth has become systemic and is now proliferating throughout the soft tissues of the body, probiotic supplements and diet changes are almost completely ineffective in eliminating your candidiasis symptoms.

Once the yeast enters the bloodstream and becomes systemic the benefits of a probiotic and dietary changes can no longer address where the yeast is now growing. This is why so many people follow the so-called candida diet or so-called candida detox with no lasting results. This mis-information is unfortunate because the “candida diet” is very unhealthy over time. We have people contact us all the time who have been on these restrictive diets and using a great probiotic only to have all their symptoms return with a vengeance as soon as they stop.

The only way we have found to address systemic yeast overgrowth is by raising the oxygen level of the body. This may be accomplished with the use of our safe and effective Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Flush Kit.

Since oxygen reaches every cell of the body it can address a yeast overgrowth no matter where it may be. Check back often for more information about the best candida cleansing we use and for information on Candida Treatment and Candidiasis Symptoms.

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  1. dr whiting

    The confusion exists because so many people don't realize that when it comes to candida there are actually two separate issues – one localized and the other systemic. Managing one is not the same as managing the other!!!

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