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Candida & Yeast Diet Affecting Immunity Health

When looking at our immune system we can observe the factors that both stimulate it as well as suppress it. Invasion by virus and bacteria are the most obvious threats to the immune system, causing it to produce antibodies against the invading microbes. There are other situations however that can not only stimulate an immune response but actually over stimulate the system to the point of exhaustion.

The candida organism is one such issue. Since candida is a naturally occurring organism the body’s immune system sees it as “approved” and does not address it. When the organism explosively multiplies however and begins to overtake the body, the immune system is then constantly stimulated to address the situation. Over time this can exhaust the immune function and things like adult-onset allergies and other auto-immune issues can begin to rise. These are what we call “false” symptoms since they are the result of immune compromise and not genetic predisposition.

When people go on the so-called “candida diet” they often feel much better. This is due to the elimination of immune suppressing foods, which are primarily sugars and white flour foods, which turn rapidly to sugar as well. Sugar, to excess, is a proven immune suppressant. In those with systemic candida, this can be far worse due to the candida affecting immunity already. What we eat or don’t eat does not cause candida overgrowth but high consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars can negatively affect the immune system, making symptoms far worse. This is why people who go on these restrictive diets feel better while on them but also why all symptoms return the very day they go off the program. Since these diets are so restrictive and as such very unhealthy over time, following them for managing candida overgrowth is both ineffective and dangerous. We do suggest reducing or eliminating sugars and refined carbohydrates during our Aloe Oral Detox simply because of their negative effect on the immune system, which is already compromised due to the prolonged yeast overgrowth.

It is unfortunate that there is so much mis-information about the role of diet in yeast management. If the yeast issue is isolated to the digestive system then dietary changes, herbal combinations, and other methods are often very effective, but once the yeast has migrated to the soft tissues of the body these steps will produce little or no lasting benefits. More info about candida cleansing coming next week and make sure to check out my video Exposing Nutrition Myths.

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    For a full understanding of our protocol for addressing candida overgrowth click on the Oxy protocol under "downloads" just to the right. Candida or human yeast need not be the ongoing drama that so many have endured. It can be controlled and eliminated!!

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