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Some Common Causes Of Yeast Infections

Yeast infection refers to an infection spread by a fungus often within the vaginal region, this infection is distinguished by burning, itching, or redness of the vaginal region. It is the second most typical kind of vaginal infection dealt with by women. The factors that lead to yeast infections consist of contraceptive pills, antibiotic treatments, repeated intercourse over a brief amount of time, diabetes, pregnancy, stress, weakened immune system, including HIV, hot weather, or non-ventilating clothes, and high carb consumption.

The other causes of yeast infection can be irritants like powders, soaps, new detergents and other relevant products. The signs of yeast infection include vaginal inflammation, vaginal itchiness, a burning sensation during the act of urinating, pain during sexual intercourse, thick, white and curd-like vaginal discharge, itching of the rectal opening, redness, and cracking or swelling of the vulvar skin.

Yeast infection can happen in males, also if they are having unprotected sexual activity with a partner suffering from the same. Both partners can keep on infecting each other if they are not treated at the same time. There is no discharge usually in men. They might only develop genital inflammation and genital itching if they are uncircumcised. The yeast infections need to be diagnosed at the appropriate time with appropriate medication.

Over-the-counter medications are readily available for women who have had professional assistance about the best ways to identify the symptoms of yeast infections. In current research, women misdiagnose their own yeast infections, when really it does not even happen. In the due course of time, the female’s body might end up being drug-resistant to yeast infections, and the issue can persist. In order to diagnose a yeast infection, the medical provider would perform a vaginal test. Samples of vaginal discharge are taken under a microscope for the exam, and if one has repeating infections, a few of the discharges could be gathered to observe if there is another kind of yeast or organism present. As soon as the doctor is sure about the infection, he will suggest an antibiotic pill called Diflucan or a suppository called Monistat or Gyne-Lotrimin. This medicine could be for one week, or might extend for a long time.

There are lots of ways to prevent yeast infections: To eat a well balanced diet, to get out of a swimsuit as soon as possible, to get adequate rest, not to wear pads or panty-liners beyond the length of your period, avoid feminine deodorant sprays and douches, to wipe from front to back after urination and bowel movements, avoid wearing tight-fitting or ill-fitting clothes and switch over to cotton underclothing instead of synthetic underclothing. The consequences of yeast infections can be serious discomfort rather than significant wellness issues. Yeast infections often healed by themselves after the start of the menstruation cycle. Menstruation raises the vaginal pH, causing the yeast cells to decrease since they don’t grow in the Ph throughout the period of menstruation. Women who have recurring yeast infections need to check for underlying causes so that the proper treatment can be chosen as early as possible to cure the illness.

Here at the Candida Clinic we can help you with yeast infections and candida Cleanses. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleansing we have ever used simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body and thus addresses yeast overgrowth no matter where it is located.


  1. Dr Whiting

    These suggestions are helpful in preventing localized yeast infections in women and men but once the overgrowth has become systemic these measures will have very little effect since the organism is now throughout the soft tissues of the body. This is why we have settled on the use of oxygen in supplement form as it has the ability to reach every cell of the body and can assist in the elimination of yeast overgrowth no matter where it may be.

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    Hey check out this story we received today. It's just another example of how detoxifying and oxygenating the body can produce amazing results:

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  3. Dr Whiting

    This stuff is amazing! I have been using the Oxy Aloe now for approximately 1 complete cycle. I rated extremely high on the self test. Meaning, I had it pretty bad. I'm not one to let my health go, but a fight with candida once it's out of control is a loss cause, so I've discovered. At least that's what I thought when every doctor I'd visit wanted to continually treat it like it was just another yeast infection, but I'm here to tell you, it's far more than that; as Dr. Whiting explains. I found myself reading anything and everything I could dig up on Google to try to alleviate the irritation. I did just about eveything I could to keep it under control. I used multiple home remedies at the same time, but nothing every worked long enough that I could stop. My mornings getting dressed were dreadful having to do this regiment, and that regiment, and than that regiment too. Only to find I could never stop any of them. I remember feeling like I was going to have to live this way for the rest of my life, and thinking, I guess it could be worse. …at least it's not life threatening. Then one day out of the blue my Google search dug up everything Dr. Whiting was teaching on his Oxy Aloe cleanse. I'm here to tell you, Oxy Aloe has set me free!! I'm not 100% cured yet, because I still have another cycle to go since my symptoms rated such a high score on Dr. Whitings test. But I feel fantastic! I have energy (in the first 2 or 3 weeks I could tell). I have endurance. I have my life back! Thank you, Dr. Whiting!!

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