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Controlling Candida – Part of a Total Wellness Program

In my educational presentation entitled “Cheating Death” I talk about how we have evolved away from infectious diseases and now are faced with a host of non-infectious chronic disorders that are, for the most part, lifestyle related.

Dr Whiting on Cheating Death – Candida

Systemic Candida or human yeast overgrowth falls into this category. While human yeast or Candida Albicans is present in all human bodies, it can become problematic if it manages to escape the digestive system and get into the bloodstream. From there it is a short journey to the soft tissues, the sinuses and even the brain fluid. Once the yeast has escaped the digestive system and become systemic it can hide and slowly multiply, making it difficult to eliminate.


The only way we have found to eliminate this once it is systemic is by the use of a safe, pleasant tasting oral oxygen formula. Since the organism is anaerobic the continued raising of the oxygen level of the tissues of the body damages the metabolism of the yeast and it dies off.

LiquiDaily Oxy Aloe Flush Kit

You may have read that candida has the ability to mutate in a way and adapt to oxygen environments. This is true to a very limited extent. If we raise the oxygen level above that threshold the organism cannot survive and its metabolism shuts down and the organism dies. Our Oxy Flush program is built and based on over 30 years of working with many thousands of individuals all over the world. We have tried all the herbs, nutrients, etc. on the market and once the yeast has become systemic these are generally ineffective simply because they can no longer reach the outlying areas where the organism is now proliferating.

Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections

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  1. Dr Whiting

    It is my feeling that you cannot enjoy the best of health possible if you have a systemic yeast overgrowth. Even if you are addressing other health issues if you ignore this possibility the candida issue will continue to compromise the quality of your health at varying levels. So take the test on this site and call our offices with your results and to discuss the ways oxygen can eliminate this situation.1-888-454-8464

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