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Dealing with Cases of A Yeast Infection In Children

While most of us have the tendency to think about a yeast infection as being an adult condition, the truth is that youngsters can also develop issues with yeast for a number of reasons. The good news is it is possible to deal with yeast infections in children with the same level of ease as with adults. Below are some possible courses to take when taking care of a youngster who is dealing with a yeast infection.

The first priority is to treat the existing disorder. There are a number of medicines that the doctor can prescribe in doses that are appropriate for kids. Often, the medication will bring about quick relief, and therefore decrease the level of pain or suffering the child sustains as a result of the condition.

When the existing round of infection is under control, the medical professional can move on to determining the cause for the infection, and help to develop a strategy to aid in avoiding a reoccurrence.

Often, yeast infections in kids can be traced back to some sort of allergic reaction. This response might be set off by contact by some kind of food that causes the development of yeast in the system that is beyond what the body typically can handle. Along with food, the yeast may be an adverse effect of some antibiotic or medicine the kid is taking for some other health condition. Tests can help to determine if any type of allergy is the root cause of the yeast infection.

Finally, basic hygiene issues may cause the yeast infection in kids. Many parents do not think twice about feeding a youngster off a spoon or fork they have just used. In case the parent is currently suffering with a yeast infection such as thrush, the germs can move from the eating utensil and into the mouth of the youngster. The end result can be the development of a full-blown yeast infection. Making sure to not use the same utensils for parents and kids will help to eliminate this possibility.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Our program is safe and effective for children 8 years old and older. We simply adjust the dose according to their age. Children often contract yeast overgrowth via the birth canal and if other issues such as antibiotic use occur, the immune system cannot overcome the yeast and it can become a problem. If you have children with yeast issues see your doctor to be sure there are no other underlying issues, then you can safely use our oxygenated aloe vera if they are 8 years of age or older. Contact our office for dosage for their specific age.

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