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Diabetic Yeast Infection home Remedies

Since the candida organism is naturally present in all human beings, we all have the potential of a yeast overgrowth. The most common causes for yeast overgrowth and potential systemic candidiasis include overuse of antibiotics, birth control medications, steroid drugs, immunosuppressant drugs, and sexual transmission. In the case of those suffering from diabetes, their chemistry can make them more susceptible to yeast overgrowth. Excess blood sugar provides an ideal environment for systemic yeast proliferation. Excess insulin, which is often the case with type II diabetes, causes a highly inflammatory environment, which can set the individual up for a host of problems including excess yeast overgrowth.

For this reason we feel it is highly beneficial to provide support for the body in ways that will assist in helping to prevent and control yeast overgrowth. The first line of defense against the situation would be to ensure that your digestive system is naturally acidic. Most people over the age of 40 or even 50 have lost the ability to properly acidify foods and minerals due to a lack of stomach acid. This lack of acid produces all the classic symptoms of indigestion that so many experience. Taking antacids certainly temporarily solves these digestive problems but in the long run makes them far worse. Destroying natural stomach acid with antacids is an invitation for further candida overgrowth. Due to the higher incidence of yeast infections in those with diabetes, we often recommend not only a good digestive support formula but also a supplement, that can increase the oxygen potential to the cells of the body. By doing so on a regular basis, we can create an environment that is far less friendly to the overgrowth of candida other yeasts and even other pathogens, which are often more commonplace with the diabetic. More info about parasite cleanse for humans coming in August so make sure to check back then.
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    A combination of digestive support along with increased oxygenation of the body are useful in preventing yeast infections.

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