Candida Cleanse Diet: How Effective is Dieting for Candidiasis

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You often hear about special foods to avoid and there are many dietary recommendations out there, each claiming to be the ultimate candida diet. Unfortunately there is no dietary solution once the yeast overgrowth has become systemic. Let’s look at this logically; if the standard American diet was the cause of this problem, 90 percent of all Americans would have this problem! They don’t. There are temporary benefits from avoiding certain foods as far as reducing the severity of symptoms of candida while proceeding to eliminate the systemic part of the problem. Changing your diet to greatly reduce sugary foods and white flour products will help with symptoms even though these changes will not ultimately solve the problem. Changing your diet can be of benefit on a temporary basis so understanding the foods to avoid such as concentrated sugars and starches can be of benefit. These changes can be a first step in a total program to beating candida, but if it is systemic it is only a first step.

Probiotics and Oral Thrush

Probiotics are often talked about extensively and they should be an important part of any candida program, especially if it is still localized. Probiotics naturally replace the good bacteria in the gut, which is the first line of control of the organism. Together with immune supportive and detox supportive supplements such as milk thistle and garlic, a good baseline support is possible. This however is only the first step towards controlling systemic yeast. Liquid oxygen, which raises the oxygen level of the soft tissues of the body, is essential in reaching all the outlying areas where the candida can overgrow. Oxygenation is essential if one wants to permanently beat this issue once and for all.

The Ultimate Candida Diet and Weight loss

Another problem with the recommended diets is they often cause the individual to lose large amounts of weight even to the point where they become malnourished and underweight. Those suffering from candida often have urinary infections. If they are significant, antibiotics are frequently used, which is one of the major reasons for the overgrowth in the first place. Oral thrush is the result of a suppressed immune system, usually from prolonged candida overgrowth or some other immune suppressing disorder. If all other possible causes have been explored and eliminated, and is likely being caused by an internal overgrowth. The sinus region is a common site for yeast excess yeast and can cause sinus congestions & infections and is often one of the more stubborn locations to control. As you can see there are a lot of potential symptoms that can be related to this problem.