Dr. Oz Debunks Hydrogen Peroxide

Dr. Oz Debunks Hydrogen Peroxide

On a recent Dr. Oz episode there was a discussion about the dangers of hydrogen peroxide. It was cited that ingesting hydrogen peroxide can be extremely dangerous, causing burning, irritation, and even ulceration of tissues. Here at our research center we could not agree more. The use of pure hydrogen peroxide, even diluted in water, can pose potentially serious risks. It is for this reason that we developed a buffered oral oxygen system that is both safe and effective to use. When pure hydrogen peroxide is ingested it disassociates forming oxygen and water it does so extremely rapidly in less than 30 seconds in most cases. It is this rapid activity that can cause irritation and burning of delicate tissues. By buffering the oxygen we have slowed the disassociation time down to where instead of 30 seconds it now takes 30 minutes for absorption and breakdown. This not only provides a safe and gentle formula but because of the slower release, greater oxygen potential may be absorbed.

It was also discussed that even using hydrogen peroxide on a cut or skin wound may not be a good idea for similar reasons. We tend to disagree with this viewpoint because hydrogen peroxide has been used safely as a disinfectant for many years. Other benefits of oxygenating the body include the elimination of anaerobic organisms such as candida or human yeast. A body cleanse or a parasite cleanse for humans can bring about increased energy and well-being. Yeast infections both local and systemic are very common and almost epidemic. For this reason millions of people seek yeast infection relief. The most effective Candida cleanse or Candida treatment for yeast infection relief would include oral oxygen supplements designed to be safe and effective. Check back next month for more information on How to lose belly fat.
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