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Dr Whiting On the Dr Oz Show And His Candida and Yeast Segment

Recently Dr Oz aired a program on yeast overgrowth in the body. This is amazing since the mainstream medical profession has all but ignored this problem. Dr. Oz brought out how this yeast overgrowth is a major problem and can affect perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. The Dr. Oz yeast show has reached millions and should raise the awareness of this near epidemic problem.

Yeast overgrowth can occur under several conditions and the Dr. Oz Yeast show brought out many of these situations. The causes of yeast overgrowth as Dr. Oz pointed out, can be anti-biotic abuse. Anti-biotic abuse destroys the beneficial bacteria in the body, which in turn allows the yeast to explosively multiply. Once the yeast escapes the gut and enters the blood stream the condition changes to what is called systemic candidiasis or systemic yeast overgrowth.

Yeast overgrowth takes on a totally different and much more difficult role to manage. The spit test for yeast as outlined on the Dr.Oz show can be effective but is often a false positive. Dr. Elizabeth Boham, is pioneering medical acknowledgement in the yeast awareness. Dr. Boham uses the spit test exclusively, which can produce false positive results.

Yeast overgrowth is a very common problem. Testing for yeast overgrowth should be conducted by the use of systemic yeast symptoms. Symptoms of yeast overgrowth include fatigue, lethargy, fuzzy thinking, gastrointestinal disturbances, fungal infections, jock itch and athlete’s foot. Dr. Boham did a good job of addressing these symptoms.

Eliminating yeast may be assisted by changes in diet and the use of herbal extracts such as garlic, oregano and thyme. These herbal extracts and dietary changes are helpful if your yeast overgrowth is confined to the gut or genitor-urinary regions. If your yeast overgrowth is systemic throughout your body, these measures will be of little or no long term benefit. The idea that excess sugar causes yeast overgrowth is a mistake.

Excess sugar consumption can make certain symptoms of yeast overgrowth seem worse but does not actually cause this issue. If excess sugar caused yeast overgrowth virtually everyone in America would have a yeast overgrowth condition!! Reducing excess sugar will temporarily reduce symptoms of excess yeast but as soon as you stop these strict dietary rules, you will find your symptoms will return, often with a vengeance.

The use of herbs such as garlic, oregano and thyme can also assist with symptoms but will not actually eliminate yeast overgrowth. Curing yeast overgrowth when it has become systemic can be accomplished by using a natural supplement that increasing the oxygen level of the body. Since the yeast is an anaerobic organism it cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. Probiotics are every effective if the yeast is located in the intestinal area. Probiotics should always be used after anti-biotics, birth control meds, or steroid drugs as these drugs destroy the healthy bacteria can keeps the yeast from overgrowing.

Probiotics may be taken on a regular basis with no side effects. Once the yeast has been destroyed by the oxygen supplement the use of a strong probiotic supplement to re-establish the bacteria balance should always be used. The idea that what you eat causes a yeast overgrowth is simply not true. Alcohol for example such as even red wine, does not cause a yeast condition. Alcohol contains little or no carbohydrates.

Dr. Oz and his guest Dr Boham, should be commended for bringing this serious yet often overlooked situation to the attention of millions. For the rest of the story about eliminating yeast overgrowth once it has become systemic, please visit our research website:


  1. Alexandra Gilligan

    I have systemic candida and I am on day two of a detox. I believe I have had it for over a year now. I was diagnosed candida esophagus thrush. I had no idea what thrush was. But the urgent care thought it was maybe strep. So I was put on antibiotics for a double ear infection and strep. It’s cleared the roof of my mouth from a lot of the yeast. Then after 24 hr of amoxicillin my mouth and threat started to look like cottage cheese. I went to scrap my tongue and the taste buds started bleeding. I also all of a sudden started breaking out in a hive looking rash on my chin moving up my cheek. The next day I went to my military pa and got a throat swab it tested positive for yeast. I was given nystatin oral suspension two swish and swallow. This was Monday and I was told to stay on the amoxicillin and given an additional ear antibiotoc for the out ear infection that appeared. Wednesday white stuff started to come out of my ear, which, I thought was pu. Now I believe it was candida yeast. My husband saw a pics of what the ear would look like last night and said that is what my ear looked like. So, I was put on ciprodex last Wednesday night. Do I finish this ear antibiotoc? I have 3 more times to do the ear drops. I’m on the candida detox day two. I’m lost and need direction. I also have an anti fungal prescription that I was given but didn’t take. It was for a fungi in the nails about 8 mo. Ago.

    Would love any advice because I’m a military wife with govt healthcare. They don’t really help. They have been just masking my symptoms with pills(i.e. Water pills) I feel this is the missing peace! 6 ear/throat infection in 10 mo. I would love any advice, please.

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    • Dr Whiting

      We would suggest you consider our Oxy Flush Program for 7 weeks to help get rid of the yeast systemically. Antibiotics can make east problems much worse so you should be taking a good strong probiotic along with and after any antibiotics. Feel free to call me to further discuss our Program 1-888-454-8464

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