Interview of Dr. Whiting

By Ellen Troyer, MPMA

Ellen is a researcher that specializes in disorders of the eye. She sits on the Board of Directors of several companies and serves them in a variety of capacities. 

E.T.    So Dr. Whiting, What’s all this excitement about candida?

KSW   Candida albicans is a naturally occurring organism, a yeast in fact, that is found in the intestinal tract of all humans. Its purpose is not fully understood but we do know that as long as it stays in balance with other beneficial bacteria as found in probiotics, it causes little harm.  Should this balance be disrupted due to factors that cause a decline in beneficial bacteria then the yeast can begin to multiply out of control. This is what we call a localized yeast infection, which most often affects the intestines, the digestion and of course can lead to vaginal yeast infections in women.

E.T.    What are the current methods of addressing this problem, both medically and nutritionally?

KSW  Medicine has a variety of pharmaceuticals such as diflucan, which can be very effective on a  localized yeast overgrowth. Nutritionally we would use such things as garlic concentrate, strong probiotics and dietary changes. All of these approaches can be helpful as long as the yeast overgrowth is confined to the intestinal tract and/or the genital-urinary region. If however the yeast should escape the intestines it can migrate to various sites throughout the body. This condition is referred to as systemic candidiasis and does not respond well to most conventional methods of addressing the problem.

E.T.  You mentioned dietary changes. Are you referring to the famous “Candida Diet”?

KSW The candida diet is a very strict and limiting regiment. It certainly can help for the short term if the candida overgrowth remains localized but no one should follow these restrictive and unhealthy diets for long periods of time. It is important to note however that once the candida becomes systemic throughout the body such measures as diet, herbal supplements, and even most pharmaceuticals are of little or no benefit because their effect cannot reach the sites in which the yeast is now growing.

E.T.  Why are these diets so popular then?

KSW  Firstly, they can be of help if the yeast issue is localized to the gut. Most practitioners and physicians fail to realize that there are actually two forms of candida overgrowth, local and systemic. What affects the one will almost never address the other. For the longest time no one was looking at systemic yeast overgrowth as anything unique but once the yeast migrates to different sites of the body it needs to be addressed in a completely different manner. We have talked with thousands of people over the years that had followed the so-called yeast or candida diets. While they got some relief of their symptoms while on the diet, the first time they went off the strict program their symptoms returned with a vengeance – often worse than before.

E.T.   So how does someone know if they have a yeast issue and more importantly if it has become systemic throughout their body?

KSW   There is no medical diagnostic test for candida as we would all test positive for the antibodies since it is naturally occurring in everyone. We use an evaluation test based on symptoms. The greater the cluster of symptoms, the more likely the yeast has become systemic and the longer the person may have had this problem. Common symptoms of systemic yeast would include for example: Respiratory issues, upper and lower sinus issues, brain fog, poor memory, and digestive disturbances. There are many others.

E.T.  Is this evaluation available if someone wanted to find out the degree of yeast?

KSW   Yes the test appears on our website:

E.T.  Alright suppose I have a systemic yeast or candida problem. What can be done?

KSW  There are a couple of pharmaceuticals that can act systemically and address yeast overgrowth but they are extremely hard on the liver and can only be used for very short periods of time. We have developed a very unique program that not only addresses yeast overgrowth systemically throughout the body but does so with virtually no side effects whatsoever. We call the program The Oxy Flush and it uses a unique oxygenated aloe vera liquid supplement that can raise the oxygen level of the body significantly. Since the candida organism is anaerobic, meaning it does not like high oxygen environments, raising the oxygen levels several times a day for a few weeks safely helps the body to eliminate the yeast wherever it may be residing.

E.T. Many researchers claim that the candida organism can modify its metabolism so that oxygen no longer kills it. What is your response to this?

KSW  We have repeatedly tested the levels of oxygen on the candida organism and while it does have the ability to adapt to higher oxygen environments it has a definite limit. If we significantly exceed the organisms threshold of oxygen it kills it by closing down its metabolism. Our program raises the oxygen level of the body to over 10 times what the candida organism can adapt to in clinical experiments. Since oxygen goes to every cell of the body, it can address yeast overgrowth no matter where it is hiding!

E.T.  So your Oxy Flush can control both local and systemic candida?

KSW  Well I would go one step further and say that, over time, our program will assist the body in completely eliminating systemic candida. Once this is accomplished, we then encourage our clients to take a good high potency Full Spectrum nutrition supplement every day to support the body in maintaining a greater state of wellness.

E.T.   So where can someone get your Oxy Flush if they have a candida issue?

KSW  We only offer our formulas through complementary health care practitioners due to their therapeutic nature. Anyone can also obtain the Oxy Flush Kit or any of our other formulas from a southern California company called Phoenix Nutritionals ( )

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