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Is There a Link Between Yeast Overgrowth and Other Health Conditions?

The Internet is filled with information about many subjects and candida or yeast overgrowth is no exception. Unfortunately, much of the information out there is untrue. One big example of this is that candida is caused by a high sugar diet. This is simply untrue. Another dubious link out there is candida and so-called “leaky gut syndrome”.
There is little evidence to support that this situation is little more than the imbalance of intestinal flora.

But the question is can a systemic candida overgrowth cause other conditions? Possibly. The link in via the immune system. When you have a prolonged overgrowth of yeast throughout the soft tissues of the body it constantly over stimulates your immune system. The end result can be such things as adult onset “allergies”. These are usually not true allergies but rather sensitivities caused by an immune system constantly in overdrive. Sinus irritations from yeast overgrowth can result in repeated sinus infections due to the irritation constantly present.

This is the reason why we always advise someone with this yeast overgrowth, especially if they have had this problem for some time, to address the candida and get it under control first because often many other seemingly unrelated issues go away once this has been done. Anything that remains may likely be a stand-alone unrelated issue and can then be addressed at that time.

To find out if you may have a systemic yeast overgrowth take our candida test.

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    If you suspect a yeast overgrowth take our test on this site and I will call you to discuss your results. If present we can address this before it gets worse and takes longer to fix.

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