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Long Term Use of Oxygen Supplements

We are often asked if there are any harmful side effects from using our liquid oxygen formula for long periods of time. The answer is basically no. Like all things, benefit and side effects are dose related. We do use high amounts of this supplement for acute and chronic yeast problems but we also have many clients who use this formula for such issues as emphysema, COPD, and asthma. They have been using our oxygen supplement for many years at a lower dose, with no side effects whatsoever. By using one ounce 2 or 3 times per day hundreds of people are reaping ongoing benefits with no long term side effects at all. If you suspect you have a candida or yeast issues take our FREE Candida Symptom Test.

The aloe in our formula nourishes and supports a healthy digestive system. The noni supports better colon health. By combining these factors together with buffered oxygen we have a formula that can provide multiple benefits to the body. More recently parents with autistic children are finding benefit from giving them small doses of our oxygen supplement. While we don’t know the exact mechanism for this result, we have heard enough stories to accept that some benefit to these children is taking place.

Athletes often use this formula to aid in recovery from training and competition. Some world class athletes have used our formula for many years with no side effects at all. Please read Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections and review the clinical references for Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe you can also print it right from the link also, take about five minutes to watch my video The Best Candida Cleansing. We use the Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Flush Kit.

These individuals have shown us that long term use of properly buffered oxygen donating supplements have absolutely no negative effects on the human body. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleansing we have ever used simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Here at our Institute we have clients who have been usung our Oxy Aloe for over 20+ years at 1 or 2 ounces a day with no side effects whatsoever. The great thing about oxygen is that is is recognized by every cell of the body and every cell can absorb oxygen readily.

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