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How to lose belly fat and candida

In spite of the fact that so-called spot reducing is both impossible and a myth people continue to strive to accomplish this. One of the areas that most people like to focus on is the midsection or abdomen. Loose belly fat is both unattractive and to an excess, unhealthy so it is understandable that people would want to take steps to reduce that. Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce so when you go on a weight management or weight loss program you will lose weight from head to toe. Obviously if the majority of your excess weight is around your midsection that will be reduced as well but because of the volume of fat cells it can and often will take longer.

People with candida overgrowth oftentimes have a weight problem. This is because of the effect the candida organism has on the metabolism of the body. When the yeast organism proliferates throughout the body, over time it slows the metabolism as well as creating excess toxins. Both of these situations can greatly reduce the body’s ability to lose weight and belly fat. If we have someone who has tested positive on our evaluation for systemic yeast overgrowth we almost always address the candida organism problem first before any dietary recommendations are given.

Once we get the yeast under control the body will be in a much better position to begin to lose weight effectively. A body cleanse or candida cleanse is accomplished through a process in which the oxygen level of the body and soft tissues are increased. We have discovered that this oxygenation is the best way to treat candida. Liquid Oxygen Supplements are many but it is important to ensure that the product you are using actually increases oxygen levels because many of them do not. Check back next month for more info about how to lose weight fast.
Source, US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health

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    How to lose belly fat and candida is a more complex issue. If candida is present we must address that before significant progress can be made with weight loss

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