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Myths about Candida and Yeast

The volume of misinformation about candida or yeast overgrowth on the internet is staggering. Much of this comes from the fact that there are really two forms of candida and very few people understand the differences. The first form is localized to the digestive tract and the urinary tract. This form responds well to diet changes, herbal preparations, and high doses of probiotics. The second form of yeast overgrowth is systemic candidiasis and can invade soft tissues from head to toe. Once this occurs the many methods of addressing the localized form become virtually worthless because they cannot reach the outlying areas where the yeast is now growing. Try our candida test if you suspect you have a candida or yeast problem.

Other internet sites talk about strict “candida diets” that are not only very unhealthy but ineffective for systemic candida overgrowth. The idea of avoiding sugars because they “feed” the yeast is a bit farfetched. We do suggest avoiding high amounts of sugar forming foods as well but not because of this reason. Excess sugar depresses the immune system and this is the major problem since yeast overgrowth also compromises the immune system over time. The concept that we “eat” candida is totally absurd. The yeast found in foods is in no way related to human yeast or candida albicans. The body manufactures candida in the gut, it does not come from what we eat. You can read more about this in my special report Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections. Also take a minute to check out the Clinical References for Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe.

Another huge myth about candida is that is can adapt to oxygen and therefore oxygen is not effective in controlling it. Outside of the fact that we have helped many thousands of people eliminate their systemic candida overgrowth with our liquid oxygen formula, candida albicans cannot adapt to high levels of oxygen. It’s true that it can adjust to small increases in oxygen but if the oxygen levels are elevated high enough the organism dies. This is not a theory but a scientific fact! Just listen to a real person having great success with Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Below:

Candida, Bladder Infections, Extreme Symptoms, And Yeast Infections

Listen Here:

It is misinformation such as this that causes the confusion and frustration on the part of those who are searching and seeking help from their yeast overgrowth situation. Every day we talk with people who have used the diets, herbs, and probiotics for months or even years yet they still suffer from the problem. Our Oxy Flush Kit has a proven track record used successfully by thousands over the past 25 years. Consider dealing with your yeast overgrowth no matter WHERE it is by oxygenating the body with our safe and effective liquid oxygen supplement. We have over 25+ years of experience in assisting those with the best candida cleansing on the market.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    So true. The lack of accurate information available causes so many people to suffer needlessly trying remedy after remedy when their yeast problems systemic and they will be ineffective anyway. After 30+ years we KNOW that oxygen is the only effective weapon against candida overgrowth once it has become systemic!!

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