Candida Diet

Nail Fungus Treatment

Liquid oxygen supplements have proven to be safe and effective in helping the body to detoxify and provide yeast infection relief. These methods of oxygenation of the body tissues have also proven to be effective in managing and eliminating nail fungus. A body cleanse using oxygen supplements can help in eliminating a wide variety of anaerobic organisms. Systemic Candida treatment can also be very effective for nail fungus as well. We have found that this is one of the best nail fungus treatments we have ever used.

When we talk about how to get rid of nail fungus we first looked towards liquid oxygen supplements then we might consider immune boosting nutrients to help support a healthier stronger immune system. Applying food grade hydrogen peroxide topically can help address skin yeast infections. This would of course, include fungus of the nails. While apple cider vinegar seems to be the latest craze and it does have benefits to the digestive system, we have found that it is not that effective in addressing nail fungus. More info about the best diet for candida coming in June so make sure to check back then.

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