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Some Natural Treatments For A Yeast Infection

When you get a yeast infection, there is the option of taking nuclear medications such as antibiotics to eliminate the infection, or go the natural path. For individuals who opt to make use of organic rather than manufactured means of treating health problems, this may be the most attractive option. If you are interested in yeast infection natural treatments, here are a few things to consider.

There are several different recipes for different types of teas that are understood to help deal with a yeast infection. Many of them will contain such elements as garlic or buchu. The concept is to take natural herbs that are known to help with infections involving the intestinal system, and develop a strong tincture that may be taken by mouth, or used in the preparation of a poultice to put on an infected location of the skin.

For instance, making a tincture that included garlic juice and buchu that had actually been steeped in hot water, it is possible to soak a cotton cloth in the compound, and then place it directly on the infected location. In the event of thrush, the tincture could be used to gargle and rinse the mouth several times a day, therefore clearing the area of infection over the course of a few days.

Vitamins and minerals that are known to help improve the immune system might likewise be called into play against a yeast infection. Often, the infection has a chance to settle in when the immune system has actually been weakened due to prolonged durations of stress. Healthy dosages of Vitamin C and the numerous B vitamins can prove useful in restoring the immune system to complete function. Calcium, magnesium, and zinc can also add more resources to the job, and help the body combat the infection. Vitamins must never be overlooked as a viable method of affecting a yeast infection natural remedy.

Last, hygiene may also help in restricting the spread of an external case of yeast infection, and thus supplying the body with more opportunity to destroy the infection. Keeping infected genitals clean is vital. In case of a yeast infection in the mouth, a strong tincture of peppermint tea will help to ease the pain from the infection, as well as reduce the spread into the esophagus. While not a cure in and of itself, employing great hygiene as part of the general yeast infection natural remedy will go a long way toward bringing relief.

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