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Not all Oxygen Supplements are Equal!!

Recently we conducted a test of some of the leading so-called “oxygen” supplements online and we found that most of them do not actually contribute any oxygen to the body at all. In fact most of these products contain nothing more than common table salt!

Other products rely on chlorine dioxide, a potentially dangerous substance. It’s true that this compound does release oxygen to the body but it also leaves behind the chlorine free radical, which is known to be cancer causing.

In an attempt to get the benefits of increased oxygen many people have turned to using pure food grade peroxide in water. There are several issues with that. Firstly, if not diluted properly, the oxygen concentration can release so rapidly in the body that irritation of the throat and stomach can occur. Also, since this form of oxygen does release so rapidly, much of it is exhaled back out and hence is of no benefit.

The oxygenated aloe vera we developed has not only been in use for over 30+ years with complete safety, but the benefits of its use have proven themselves over and over with many thousands of people.

Should you have questions or need a protocol for using the Oxy to best address your needs, just contact us at 1-888-454-8464. Come back next week for more info on candida cleansing & Yeast free diets.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    We have been using the same Oxy formula since the 1980's with tremendous success. It is safe and pleasant tasting and due to th e buffering system, gentle on the system. This formula is now sold through Phoenix Nutritionals

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