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Oxygen Helped My Fibromyalgia?

Oxygen is often referred to as the universal detoxifying agent within the body. Oxygen is used to break down toxins that enter the body into their base parts so that they may be safely eliminated from the body. We often hear about the dangers of oxygen and free radical formation but there is a totally different process taking place in these situations. Oxidation is what we need to avoid by the use of antioxidants while oxygenation is essential to life itself. We can safely oxygenate the body through oral oxygen or through increased exercise to a lesser extent.

Since oxygen is the universal detoxification substance it would seem logical that its benefits would extend to the disorders that produce high amounts of toxins such as candida or yeast overgrowth or fibromyalgia. In studies with fibromyalgia sufferers oxygen enhancement brought about a significant reduction in symptoms in a relatively short period of time, indicating that these toxins are at least a significant cause of the symptoms they are experiencing. More info about candida cleansing coming next month. If you would like to view the product we use with all of our clients Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Oral Detox you can order it today.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    We have had very positive results with fibromyalgia through detoxification at many levels. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our complete program for fibromyalgia.

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