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Oxygen is so vital to all animals and humans that it is estimated that if the oxygen levels of the atmosphere fall even a few percentage points many species would become extinct. This lack of oxygen in some parts of the world can first be seen in athletes. Those who train and compete, especially in endurance activities often notice that it takes longer to recover from training and competition due to a lack of oxygen. Take our FREE Candida Symptom Test to find out if you could benefit from more oxygen. We first discovered the benefits of oxygen many years ago with high school basketball players. These guys had to play at 5,000 feet coming from sea level and they were really feeling it. Their coach decided to give them some of our Oxy formula and they played as well as the local team accustomed to the altitude and less oxygen!! Please read Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections and check out the Clinical References for Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe.

Our Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe is often used long term due to its energy enhancing properties. Many people choose to take a low dose of the Oxy on a daily basis to help detoxify the body, boost, and support the immune system and for the increased sense of well-being that it provides. Taking even one ounce once or twice per day can make a difference. This is especially true for those who live in polluted areas or who work in more toxic environments. The ongoing detox from extra oxygen is helpful in supporting the body when it has to deal with higher amounts of environmental toxins. Check out my video Candida and Stress, also check back soon for information on diets for leaky gut.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    I am sure we have all seen athletes pros and amateurs,often breathing oxygen from a tank to help recover from training or competition. While this is immediately effective the lasting effect is only moments. By taking liquid oxygen the effect can last for over two hours!!!

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  2. A.M. Collier

    Dear Dr. Whitting,

    Your video presentation on Candidiasis was fantastic. I took your test a couple of minutes ago, and most of the symptoms on the test which I had been grappling with since one year ago have either improved or disappeared completely. My hemorrhoids gone since my surgery two months ago while my previously severe constipation has also improved. Meanwhile, I began experiencing the improved symptoms after I went gluten and lactose free over the same period mentioned earlier. Blood and biopsy tests had also ruled out gluten sensitivity or the CD. While the result of your test is being awaited, however, I have over the last one month convinced myself that Candida might after al be my problem, and during the one-moth period I have been on some form of Candida diet, with further further improvements in my symptoms. Finally, I would be grateful if you would give me a fair idea of the recommended dose and price of your Oxyflux. Many thanks.

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    • Dr Whiting

      I am certain that a yeast overgrowth is at the heart of most of your issues. Our Oxy Flush is 7 weeks long as we have found that t be the best time to address the overgrowth. The Oxy Flush Kit has everything you will need form them 7 week Flush.m The cost is about $240.00 for the 7 week round. The Kit comes with complete directions. Should you have any questions, just call me at 1-888-454-8464

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