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Oxygen Supplement for Life

We most often use our Oxy Aloe Flush Program for specific periods of time to assist the body in eliminating excess yeast overgrowth. Recently however we have been seeing it used, in smaller amounts, on an ongoing basis. Since oxygen is harmless there is no issue with doing so. People with asthma, COPD, and even severe allergies are benefiting from using one ounce of the Oxy Formula once or twice a day. Those with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are also finding benefit from using the supplement on a daily basis.

Athletes are also discovering that by oxygenating the body they can recover faster from training and have less soreness and stiffness. This applies to all athletes from the professional to the “weekend warrior”. In fact the benefits of oxygenating the body may be even more helpful for those who exercise only once or twice a week since that is the situation when stiffness and slow recovery are the most noticeable.

It seems that taking one ounce of the Liquid Oxygenated Aloe Vera once or twice per day does the trick nicely. If you or someone you know has problems recovering from exercise or who may suffer from a compromised lung function this may be a support for their body that can make them a lot more comfortable with no side effects! Come back soon for more in-depth information on treatments for Candida and Yeast.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    As the many benefits of oxygenation of the body come to light, this formula is being used for wider and wider ranges of support.. If you know someone with compromised lung function suggest they give this formula a try. It may help them immensely.

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