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Why Is Oxygenation of the Body Beneficial?

Oxygen has been labeled the Universal Detoxifier by chemists for many decades. This is because oxygen is the primary element used by the body to break down toxins and other substances into their basic elements. In the case of more harmful toxins this process allows them to be eliminated safely once they have been broken down into simpler compounds. This process is known as oxygen reduction. You can compare it to a rusty nail on a fence post, which is being “dissolved” by oxygen and we see it as rust.

Just like every other chemical reaction in the body oxygenation must be controlled since to excess it can cause serious damage to the tissues of the body in the form of free radicals. Anti-oxidant nutrients protect the cells against excessive oxidation.

When choosing an oxygen bearing supplement it is important to know firstly the source of the oxygen and secondly the rate at which it will break down or disassociate once ingested. There are many oxygen products on the market that do NOT actually provide increased oxygen to the body. They are designed to increase the cells ability to take up more oxygen. This is fine as far as it goes but if there is not enough oxygen in the first place this is of little value. Other products provide oxygen but do so from a compound called chlorine dioxide. This chemical is used because it is very stable and easy to work with.

Unfortunately there are potential hazards connected with it. When chlorine dioxide breaks down and releases oxygen it leaves behind a chlorine radical – a known carcinogen!
About 26 years ago we helped develop a stabilized form of oxygen that has a controlled time released effect. This allows the oxygen to be better absorbed over about a 30 minute period rather than a 30 second span. Since we start with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and alter it to make it stable and safe, the byproducts of this breakdown are simply oxygen and water, hence a totally safe end result.

Hence you can see that not all oxygen supplements are the same. The best candida cleansing for over the last 26+ years that we have experimented with and settled on our current oxygenated aloe vera formula for maximum effectiveness and ease of use.

After more than 25 years of research into the management of human yeast, we have developed a safe and natural oxygen supporting supplement that has been used with great success by many thousands of people around the world.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Oxygen is the most necessary element or 'supplement' to the human body. We can go for many days without food, several days without water but if we cut off the supply of oxygen to the body it cannot survive more than about four minutes. Since there are many factors that affect the oxygen levels of the body, athletes and those with compromised lung function have also found this formula to be very helpful. Anaerobic organisms such as fungus, molds and yeast, including candida, can be eliminated safely by increasing the oxygen level of the blood and soft tissues. There are many applications for the oxygen supplement as part of a program towards better health.

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