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Prescription Drugs and Yeast Overgrowth

Recently more and more advertisements for various drugs such as those for diabetes, arthritis, and mood altering medications have started warning of possible candida overgrowth during their use. These are now added to antibiotics, steroids, and birth control medications. Since there are millions of people who must rely on these drugs for managing their health challenges, it becomes more and more important to take precautions so that a raging yeast overgrowth does not occur, you can take my FREE Candida Symptom Test right now to see if you have an issue.

The first step in doing so would be to take a high potency probiotic on a daily basis while using these medications. Secondly, if you are already suffering from reoccurring yeast infections or ongoing candida issues you should consider using a supplement that can increase the oxygen to the soft tissues of the body. Doing so will help to keep the yeast under control. Also you can watch my video about Candida and Yeast Infections in men and women it can also help you understand this issue. Please read the clinical references for Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe and my special report Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections.

If you suffer from vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush or jock itch in men, these localized issues are just a precursor to a much more complex condition for when the yeast manages to get into the blood stream it can rapidly become systemic taking up residence in various sites all over the body. Once this occurs the only effective support we have found is the Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe with Tahitian Noni because it can go to every cell of the body and address yeast overgrowth wherever it may be hiding. We have many clients who have chosen to use a lower dose of our Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Supplement on a daily basis because they must take various drugs that put them at risk for yeast overgrowth. This is working very well for them and helps to prevent both localized and systemic yeast issues. Check back soon for information on Treatment for Candida and Yeast

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Like with many health issues, it's better to catch them and control them before they advance into further complications. Yeast overgrowth is just one of these and can be easily nipped in the beginning before t advances to a systemic state.

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