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Probiotic, Candida, & Yeast Infections

Probiotic, Candida, & Yeast Infections, if you research candida and/or yeast infections on the internet you will find numerous references to using a high potency probiotic to help the body kill off excess yeast and restore bacterial probiotic after taking antibiotics, if this was true there would be only a fraction of the yeast problems we have today. Altering the diet by reducing sugar foods and taking a probiotic often solves the localized yeast problem but what happens when the overgrowth becomes systemic? I have a special report called Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections that you can print for your own education on this matter.

Once the yeast spores have escaped the confines of the digestive system and spread to the soft tissues and other organs of the body using a probiotic will have little or no lasting benefit. This is simply because the beneficial bacteria that control the candida cannot reach the outlying areas of the body where it is now thriving. Yes taking the probiotic may help but it will only migrate back from the outlying areas over and over again. This is likely the reason why many of the people who come to us complaining that their probiotic is not working and if they stop for even a day their symptoms return with a vengeance.

It is essential to determine at what stage your candida is at BEFORE you choose a method to eliminate it. This is easily done by taking our Candida Symptom Evaluation on this site. If you score over 150 on that test it is almost guaranteed that your yeast problems have become systemic in nature and as such will no longer respond to probiotics and dietary changes. You will need, at that point, to consider taking our Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Flush Program. Please read the Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Clinical References for more information.

Oxygen destroys candida and other anaerobic organisms in the body. Oxygen travels to every cell of the body and can address the issue no matter where it may be lurking.

Learn more about oxygen for candida by watching my video Candida and Yeast Infections in men and women and check back soon for information on treatments for Candida and Yeast.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    The information out on the internet confuses so many people and they follow thee programs using strict unhealthy diets, probiotics, herbs and such. these methods will NOT address candida once it becomes systemic!! We have established this with many thousands of people over the past 30 years!!

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