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Signs Of Yeast Infections In Males: Candidiasis

Just like an infant can get a yeast infection, in the same way, it is possible for a male to get a yeast infection. A great number of people think that it is possible for a woman to struggle with yeast infections in the genital area. Despite the fact that it is true that women are more likely to contract a yeast infection. But thinking that males cannot contract yeast infections in their genital area is a mistaken belief that needs to be dismissed.

Just like a female, a man also has candida in the gut region. An overgrowth of candida, also recognized as candidiasis, is simply another way of specifying a yeast infection. For instance, oral thrush and a great deal of skin infections and rashes; for example, athlete’s foot are various types of yeast infection that are connected with candida. Therefore, yeast infection in the genital region is an infection that is triggered due to overgrowth of candida and other causative aspects.

Apart from candida, what are the other reasons for yeast infection? Unlike the yeast infection symptom of oral thrush, which normally takes place due to HIV, a yeast infection affecting the male genital location, called penile yeast infection, is caused by numerous factors. A great deal of these reasons might include the following: Diabetes.

Men who are suffering from diabetes have a higher danger of contracting a yeast infection because of the reason that their sugar levels are much higher in the urine.

It’s actually uncommon for signs of penile yeast infection to occur in a man because of prescription antibiotics, however it isn’t impossible at the same time. Prescription antibiotics are thought to be candida friendly since they kill both bad and good bacteria, and this creates a disparity in the gut flora that can cause the overgrowth of candida, and are a cause for infection.

When a male has unprotected sex with any woman who deals with a yeast infection in the vaginal area, then candida can be passed on from the female to the man by direct contact, just in the exact same way that it occurs in any illness that is sexually transmitted. Even though this is not totally a typical occurrence, it can happen.

Given below are a few of the signs of penile yeast infection that a male needs to watch out for; Soreness and irritation present in the penis head, often along with itchiness. Also, occurrence of a discharge that appears to be white and thick, Small and itchy red bumps may become visible on the shaft of the penis or nearby genital region, in case the yeast infection is not treated. The penis head might appear red and small blisters could establish around that region. If an individual learns that he is suffering from these above given symptoms, then it is important for him to see the doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis done. It is always a good thing to get the symptoms checked out by the medical practitioner to be sure about it, also, stay clear of doing self-diagnosis.

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    If you or someone you know is dealing with a candida overgrowth situation, be sure that ALL sexual partners are tested for this issue in order to prevent passing it back and forth during sexual contact.

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