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When we talk about localized yeast or candida infections we are most often talking about vaginal yeast infections in women. This is not to say that men do not get similar situations which are often referred to as jock itch, but the most prevalent certainly are vaginal yeast infections in women. As part of achieving women’s vitality, the proper diet support supplements as well as healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, and those for energy and metabolism, certainly all should be considered.

But even with this dietary support many women often experience vaginal yeast infections and even skin yeast infection. The best vitamins for women, while offering many, many benefits, will likely not address yeast infections. Currently, the topical medication known as Monistat is being promoted as an ideal cure for vaginal yeast infections. In fact, their slogan “Monistat get cured”, is the basis of their current promotion. These preparations, used locally, are often very helpful in clearing up localized vaginal yeast infections. The question and problem that can arise however, is what do we do when these pesky yeast infections return repeatedly over and over again? When this occurs it is a sign that either the individual has become resistant to the active ingredients in the Monistat, or the yeast infection is far more widespread and perhaps has even become systemic in nature. When this occurs the yeast organisms can migrate from other parts of the body and repeatedly cause vaginal infections. When this occurs we look to various body cleanses to achieve yeast infection relief.

Oftentimes we turn to the so-called candida cleansing diets, which usually produce minimal results. The best Candida Cleansing whether the problem is local or systemic, often involves the use of oxygen enhancing supplements. Since the candida organism, no matter where it’s located, is primarily anaerobic in nature, enhancing or increasing the oxygen level of the soft tissues of the body has proven to be extremely effective in arresting yeast overgrowth. Once the yeast is brought under control, either with the “Monistat get cured”, or in more stubborn cases oxygen donating supplements, a good probiotic, which helps to maintain control over yeast organisms, is ideal as well.

The best probiotic is one that provides not only the probiotic factors but also the prebiotic factors that the body can use to manufacture and grow its own beneficial bacteria. The best probiotics for women would include both of these factors in one delivery system. We often hear about colon cleansing and the benefits from doing so, but unless you re-implant the healthy bacteria, repeated cleanses can actually be detrimental. Other intestinal health supplements would also include either a diet high in fiber or the use of fiber supplements. As you can see there are many more factors to addressing even localized vaginal yeast infections. The “Monistat get cured” option is certainly viable but if you continue to experience repeated vaginal yeast infections it might be a good idea to consult a nutritional consultant and/or your physician to look deeper into what may be occurring. More info about best diet for candida coming in August so make sure to check back then. Source, WebMD.

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    We have used our Oxy Flush for localized yeast issues with excellent result. Oxygen is the universal way to detoxify!

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