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Stress Sleep and Yeast Infections

We often turn to the abuse of antibiotics and steroid drugs as a primary cause of yeast infections and no doubt these are major factors but there are other lifestyle factors that can also make someone more susceptible to yeast or candida overgrowth.

Your immune system is key in the management of any and all potentially harmful invading organisms. Bacteria and viruses are present in our environment daily and yet most of us do not fall victim to these bugs and actually become ill. This is because our immune system, when functioning well, takes care of these pathogens and eliminates them before they can make us sick. The same is true with human yeast or candida. The body has the ability to keep these organisms in balance as well as long as the immune system is strong. The problem becomes more serious when the immune system becomes weakened by lack of nutrition and other lifestyle factors. It can then no longer act in a timely fashion to address the yeast and it begins to aggressively multiply.

In order to ensure that our immune system is strong and ready to deal with any potential yeast overgrowth rapidly we need to take care of it. First and foremost is proper nutrition. We have developed a special immune support supplement designed to both stimulate and nourish better immune function. Other factors include adequate sleep/rest and the better management of stress.

Excess stress over prolonged periods, is one of the most debilitating factors to your immune system. It is not uncommon for people, especially women, to develop a localized yeast infection when they are going through a stressful period or major life change such as a wedding, divorce, unemployment, a death, or even moving. Proper stress management is helpful in keeping our immune system strong and ready to protect us. One of the biggest ways in which we can better manage stress is through getting adequate rest.

Tossing and turning all night long or experiencing repeated nights of insomnia can directly lead to a weakened immune system. Getting adequate and deep sleep is one of the primary ways the body can repair itself and maintain optimal health. When you are unable to get restful sleep your immune system weakens. This can change the pH of the vaginal region, creating an environment for more rapid yeast overgrowth.

Here at The Institute we recommend the use of natural oxygen supplements to support the body in the elimination of excess yeast overgrowth and also the use of an immune support supplement to keep your immune system ever ready to defend you.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Since stress is a major cause of immune system depression, we can easily follow the link to yeast overgrowth since it is our immune system that is at the first line of defense against these invading organisms. Regular sleep is also essential to balance out stress and allow time for internal chemistry recuperation. A lack of sleep or a disturbed sleep can, over time, decrease the body's ability to manage a host of issues from stress to invading microbes that can potentially make us ill.

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