Candida Symptoms

Support for Asthma, COPD, & Emphysema

Here at our Research Institute we have been addressing candida overgrowth for over 25 years and have concluded that the only viable way of determining its presence and severity is through symptoms. This is why taking our candida evaluation test is so important. The majority of those who contact us want to know “How long will it take to get rid of?” “Will I suffer any die off issues?” etc. This test greatly helps us to determine the answers to these questions based on many thousands of individuals we have dealt with in the past.

The LiquiDaily Oxy Aloe Flush Kit for candida program provides everything needed for the full 7 week program we recommend. Many people choose to continue to use the Oxy on a daily basis due to the energizing effect it has. This is perfectly fine and we have many, many people who have been doing so for over a decade with great results. Individuals suffering from such issues as COPD, Emphysema, and Asthma find it makes their breathing easier due to the increased oxygen levels the formula imparts, see Clinical References for LiquiDaily Oxy Aloe.

A great myth circulating around the internet is that probiotics can eliminate candida overgrowth. This is only partially correct and I discuss this more in my video Dr Whiting on the Dr Oz Candida Show. If the yeast overgrowth is confined to the digestive tract then a strong probiotic and dietary changes can bring relief and arrest the situation but once the candida has escaped the digestive system and become systemic throughout the body, diet changes, probiotics, and herbal supplements will bring virtually no relief as they cannot reach the sites where the yeast is now growing. This is why we use liquid oxygen, which reaches every cell of the body and addresses yeast overgrowth wherever it may be.

Here at the Candida Clinic we can help you with yeast infections and Candida Cleanses. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleansing we have ever used simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body and thus addresses yeast overgrowth no matter where it is located, just listen to some first-hand success stories and please feel free to print my Special Report Eliminating Systemic Candida & Yeast Infections.

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  1. Dr Whiting

    Over the years we have provided our Oxy formula to thousands of people suffering from breathing problems from one cause or another and it is rewarding to see how much this formula helps them with their breathing!! These people have also shown us that the Oxy can be taken in maintenance doses indefinitely without side effect as many of them have been using it for well over 10 years.

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