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Taking Antibiotics For Some Yeast Infections

One of the primary reasons for yeast infections is the use of prescription antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics typically have the tendency to get rid of the bacteria, which keeps a check on the yeast. The yeast populace then increases too rapidly for the immune system to manage it. When such a thing occurs, the yeast might turn into a contagious variety, and begin to be a bother.

Very often, females experience yeast infections after consuming a dose of antibiotics, or even after using soaps which contain disinfectants. Some women do not have any problems with prescription antibiotics, but they might experience a yeast infection if they consume particular types of prescription antibiotics. Even kids commonly struggle with oral thrush following a dose of prescription antibiotics.

A number of prophylactics have spermicide which contain nonoxynol-9 that is usually understood to contribute to the frequency of yeast infection. If you establish a yeast infection subsequent to having sex by means of a condom, inspect the pack in order to see if the pack has a spermicide or an antibiotic. If it does, then you might have to switch brands.

The food that we eat is also resplendent with antibiotics, given that the chicken and beef are given these stimulants on a daily basis in order to make certain that they stay healthy in crammed situations. Some doctors think that the substantial use of antibiotics among animals and people is the reason for the recent boost in bacteria that are resistant to drugs, as well as the increased incidence of yeast infection. If your kids keep getting an oral yeast infection, then you may choose to change over to certified organic eggs, chicken and beef.

A great deal of people do not understand that soaps that contain disinfectants eliminate the beneficial bacteria from the skin, together with germs. If you use just one particular brand of disinfectant soap, and develop yeast infections, then you may prefer switching to some non-medicated brand of soap. Bear in mind that antibiotics are just one out of at least seventeen different kinds of things, which can set off a yeast infection. A number of things contained in the lengthy listing can be evaded, but avoiding every single one of them is not possible.

Here at the Candida Clinic we can help you with yeast infections and candida Cleanses. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleansing we have ever used simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body and thus addresses yeast overgrowth no matter where it is located.


  1. Chris Johnson

    Two years ago, my daughter became ill while living in Bolivia, South America. She was prescribed some antibiotics to take care of her stomach pains. While there was improvement, there was continued issues, so a stronger antibiotic was prescribed. This did not help and so on to the next level of antibiotics. She ended up receiving 4 doses of ever stronger antibiotics. After this, she had pain and bloating in her stomach each time she ate anything. She also had pain every time she drank anything including water. She came home to the United States for further diagnosis and treatment. She saw a specialist for various illnesses, parasites, etc. She saw Gastrointestinal and Infectious Disease Specialists. All of the tests they tried came up negative and they wanted to start prescribing anti-depressant medications because they couldn't find anything wrong. She did have a breath test that was positive, but the doctors didn't give that any importance. Finally, we found a new doctor that was able to test her blood for the candida albicans. This was high. The Doctor prescribed the OxyFlush treatment from Dr. Whiting including follow up with a restorative dose of acidophilus. My daughter eliminated all sugar, starch, and grains from her diet while she took the treatment. While it was extremely challenging, she is now fully healthy and can eat anything she chooses without any pain. I feel the yeast was growing in her small intestine where it was not accessible by any of the normal tests. I'm happy the OxyFlush treatment made such a difference.

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    • Dr Whiting

      Antibiotics are among the leading causes of yeast overgrowth since they disrupt the ratio of healthy bacteria to naturally existing yeast. In taking our Oxy Aloe Supplement yeast overgrowth may be addressed and successfully eliminated throughout the body. I'm so glad to hear that your daughter can now live a life of wellness once again.

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