Well known MD uses Oxy Aloe to reverse Chron's Disease

I was diagnosed with Chron's disease 3 years ago.  They told me to manage symptoms with diet and pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life.  I knew that the cause of my symptoms was an overgrowth of yeast/candida albicans in my gut. I decided that I would take charge and allow my body to heal itself.  Sure enough, in my significant journey of self healing I found Dr. Peters, who is by far the most open minded, ready to learn, anti  big pharma M.D. I have ever come across.  Long story short, with a handful of supplements to create a balance and OxyAloe, taking 2 oz. 3 times per day, I have killed the yeast in my body and essentially cured Chron's disease.  I no longer experience any fatigue, daily nausea, lack of appetite, internal shakiness, anxiety and I have endless amounts of energy!  OxyAloe has changed my life and I will continue to share my experience with others! I have a cousin who just started the OxyAloe regimen.  It is natural, and your body flourishes!  All it does is give your individual cells extra oxygen.  Genius because oxygen is energy.  It can be successfully used to treat all kinds of chronic conditions. No one deserves to live their life trapped by disease.  Disease is simply a body that is not at ease.  If you supplement your body for what it is not properly creating, along with some natural remedies, a natural diet (I recommend the Macrobiotic diet), and a healthy mindset your body will heal naturally.  

Long Time Sufferer

“I had been suffering from multiple yeast infections for many years. Naturally I’ve tried almost everything out there but it always came back. I then found Dr. Whiting and the Candida Clinic. Almost as soon as I started the Flush I could feel a difference more energy during the day and better sleep at night!”

K Doyle


“I have had a systemic yeast issue for at least 3 years. During that time I have tried the probiotics, herbal supplements, and even the drugs a few times but each time the problem would just return. After the Oxy Flush I have been free of all my issues. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered from the many symptoms of candida overgrowth.”

Roberta S.

Happy User

“The Oxy program has worked very well for me. I had to repeat the program three times because I’ve had this problem for a long time. Today I’m feeling great and for the most part all of my previous issues have disappeared. I highly recommend this program.”

Carol C.

Once Bedridden

“You know for two years I’ve been practically bedridden. Had to give up my job and lost all interest in anything around me. Well I’ve done three rounds of the Oxy Flush and while I know I still have a long way to go I’m up and out of bed and feeling like living life again for the first time in a long time. Stick with it- it works!”

Michael T.

A Parent’s Success

“My daughter had so many sinus issues, congestion, drip, repeated sinus infections. Round after round of antibiotics only seemed to make it worse. One day I was talking with my chiropractor about her situation and he said it might be a yeast overgrowth and pointed me to Candida Clinic. I filled out the test for her and she scored very high. He recommended the Oxy Flush, which I ordered for her right away. I’m so glad I brought up the sinus issue with my chiropractor because since using the Oxy Supplement she has had no further sinus infections and the post nasal drip is nearly cleared up.”

Karen F.


“I couldn’t believe how many symptoms must have been related to candida overgrowth but since completing the Oxy Flush they are all gone. Yes you could say I’m a satisfied customer!!!”

Joyce D.

A Couple Cured

“Both my wife and I had been suffering from multiple issues related to yeast overgrowth. It seemed that when one of us got a bit better the other one would have a flair up in other ways. Since we have both completed two rounds of the Oxy Flush neither of us has had any troublesome issues since. “

Harold S.

One Woman’s Remedy

“Vaginal yeast infections are no longer a part of my life thanks to the Oxy product. “

Esther R.

Daily Detox

“I love this stuff!! This has changed my life and that of my daughter who is in graduate school. We both did the program and what a difference. I called to find out if I can take this stuff every day. I don’t want to stop. Find out that you can take it as a regular supplement for energy and detox, just in smaller doses.”

Betty K.

Lasting Care

“Of all the many things I’ve tried the Oxy program has produced the best and longest lasting results. I would recommend this system to anyone – in fact I have done so many times!”

Jim B.

Tasty Treatment

“Since taking your Oxy product my life has improved a great deal. I can enjoy the activities I did before without so much shortness of breath. Thanks for a great product… and a great tasting one too.”

Tom D.

Yeast Infection Cured

“The Oxy Aloe you developed has made such a difference in my life! I used to get localized yeast infections 4 or 5 times a year but since taking your product I haven’t had one! Love it.”

Karla K.

Chronic Sinus Infection

“My son would get 4 or 5 major sinus infections every year. Each time the doctor would prescribe antibiotics, which always made other things worse. Now I understand that it was all caused by yeast overgrowth and the antibiotics made everything worse. Since using the Oxy Flush (twice) my son has been sinus infection free. In fact he doesn’t have sinus issues at all anymore.”

Janet C.

Long Term Therapy

“After completing your Oxy Flush I felt so good that I wanted to keep taking it for the energy and feeling of well being it provides so I called Dr. Whiting and he said many people take the Oxy Aloe on a daily basis for a variety of reasons and that it was perfectly safe to do so. I’ve been taking it now for about 6 months at a lower dose and I’m loving it!”

Robert K.

Candida Cleanse

“I had been suffering from candida symptoms for over 7 years that I can remember. At this point I was sure nothing would eliminate my problem because I had it so long. When I found you I took their test and scored a 482!!! I called and they assured me that they had worked with people who scored even higher. I started the program and due to the fact I have had this for so long it took a total of 6 Oxy Flushes but now I’m feeling like my old self again after so many years of being less than well.”

Ruth D.

Medication Flavor

“I must say that your Oxy Aloe formula is very pleasant tasting and easy to take. I wasn’t looking forward to drinking something terrible for 6 weeks but it was no problem at all.”

Marci L.

Sleep Cure

“Both my husband and I are feeling so much better since taking your Oxy Flush. We sleep better and are much more alert during the day. Thanks for a great product.”

Jean S.

Finally Diagnosed

“I have suffered from nasty toenail fungus for years. Topical creams did little to improve the problem. What I didn’t know at the time was it was coming from inside my body and that’s why it never cleared up. Since doing it my nails look better than ever and the new growth is clean and pink again.”

Jim E.

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  1. Nailah Quintana

    A couple of years ago I became very ill. After failing to be diagnosed by doctors, with any problems even though I could barely function, I began researching candida. I took the candida test and my score was extremely high. I decided to give the flush kit a try. As soon as I went up to 3 ounces a day my symptoms got much worse. Extreme die off. I spoke to Dr Whiting and he advised to back off for 3 days then start again with 1 ounce per day. I was afraid to increase it so I kept at 1 ounce per day and after a few weeks I was a new person! And here we are 2+ years later and I still use my 1 ounce a day. I am so pleased with this product, it brought my back from a very sick state. It gives me energy and keeps my bacteria levels under control. I highly recommend it!

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    • Dr Whiting

      So glad to hear of your success with my formula. Many people feel so good after using the Oxy FLush that they want to continue using the product. This is fine and causes no issues when used in these doses. We also have many people with asthma COPD, etc. that rely on the formula for helping along with their breathing and have been doing so for many years.

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  2. Dawn

    I just wanted to say for people skeptical about trying this product for recurring yeast infections ,try it. I tried everything including several doctors, that didn't know what to tell me except cut out sugar and bread which I tried only to realize they still kept coming back. Also very expensive probiotics. Many things off the internet that didn't work until I researched night after night so frustrated and found Dr. Whiting's add for the oxy flush . I did this a couple years ago and I just ordered my second oxy flush , It worked for well over a year for me with only occasional ones . That is a miracle for me having these regularly meaning once or twice a month since my teenage years now in my early 40's . I felt like I should own stock in monistate Ha Ha funny right?

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    • Dr Whiting

      Congratulations ,Dawn!! So glad to hear how well you are doing. Many people choose to repeat the Flush every so often as it makes them feel so much better. The reasons are detoxification and the elimination of anaerobic organisms that can bring us down over time.

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