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It has been several years since I have reviewed some of our formulations that are offered through Phoenix Nutritionals. This is the year to correct that. One of the formulas that needed attention and upgrade was the probiotic called Megadoph. While this was a great product, it was missing one factor that has come to surface as equally important as the probiotic and that’s the prebiotic. Our new formula called The Best Probiotic, because I believe it is, provides both prebiotic and probiotic factors in one convenient tablet. You may wonder why we released this formula in a tablet rather than a capsule. It has a very, very good reason. The prebiotic and probiotic contained in this formula are both highly sensitive to gastric stomach acids and we needed to protect them against the highly acidic environment of the stomach so that they could reach the small intestine completely intact. In order to accomplish this, we have used two enteric coating systems. These systems protect the delicate bacteria and flora inside the tablet until it reaches the small intestine where it is released and can do its best job.

We believe that this new formulation represents the very latest in scientific nutritional research as far as colon bacteria health is concerned. By using a prebiotic in addition to the probiotic we are feeding the beneficial bacteria in the colon and in the small intestine. This will help allow the body to begin to manufacture its own beneficial flora internally. The probiotic that we use has been often called the mother probiotic or the mother bacteria because the body can utilize it to make many strains of probiotic bacteria from this one alone.

We believe that when you try this product you will be incredibly impressed with the way that it can support colon and lower intestinal health and well-being. Give The Best Probiotic a chance and you will see a remarkable improvement in your lower digestive health. More info about the best probiotic coming next month. If you would like to view the product we use with all of our clients Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Oral Detox you can order it today.

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  1. Dr Whitin

    We are getting rave reviews on this new probiotic formula because the entire contents are now reaching the intestines intact. Further, adding a prebiotic just made natural sense.

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