Candida Diet

The So-called Anti-Yeast Diet

We have discussed the concept of diet and candida before and it is our position that while dietary changes can reduce the severity of symptoms from yeast overgrowth, once it becomes systemic in the soft tissues of the body, diet will have no effect.

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There are several versions of so-called “yeast-free” diets. These are really of value to only those with a clinical allergy to yeast. It is important to understand that human yeast or candida albicans has no relationship whatsoever to food yeasts. One does not “feed” the other.

If a diet high in sugar and plant yeasts actually caused a candida overgrowth then 90 percent of all of us would have this problem and we don’t. By focusing our attention on diet rather than the root causes of candida overgrowth we will never completely address and eliminate this problem. Antibiotic abuse, steroid drugs, and even birth control medications all lead to yeast overgrowth. Once present it can get into the bloodstream and become a systemic problem very quickly. This scenario, along with a weakened immune system, can lead to serious problems.

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How common is yeast overgrowth? It is estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men have some level of yeast overgrowth at any given time. Should this become a systemic issue then the approach to eliminating the problems must change drastically.

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See my video below for further information on the role of diet in managing candida:
Dr Whiting on Anti-Yeast Diet


  1. Dr Whiting

    The internet is filled with articles and advice about the so-called yeast diets. Unfortunately dietary restrictions do nothing to actually eliminate the yeast overgrowth once it has become systemic. Dietary changes are helpful in lessening the symptoms of candida excess but will not fix the problem. Every day people contact our office telling of how many months or even years they have been following these highly restrictive and deficient diets only to have ALL their symptoms return the day they go off the diet. I wish that this problem could be fixed by restricting diets … but it can't

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  2. Brenda

    So this is why every time I go off this terrible diet all my problems come back!! So are you saying that we can just eat whatever we want during your Oxy Flush Program?

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  3. Maria

    So I'm wondering why the restrictive diet alleviates the symptoms if the food isn't feeding the yeast? I scored over a 280 on your test and ordered the cleanse but I'm still trying to understand all of this. I've been on a ridiculously restrictive diet for the last 3 weeks along with natural anti-fungals and vitamins, symptoms are much less (some still remain like heartburn and slight swelling in belly and extremities). Before the diet, I developed food sensitivities that I've never had until recently, which are from the candida I guess. Could the food sensitivity be the culprit for digestive issues and not yeast growth from the food at this point? I am actually afraid to eat!

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    • Dr Whiting

      Food sensitivities are often caused by prolonged yeast overgrowth These often go away once the yeast is under control

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