Candida Symptoms

Top Three Mistakes When Trying to Get Rid of Candida

There is so much misinformation about candida and human yeast that it often makes it very difficult for people to know what is the best way to address this problem. Let’s clear up the top three misconceptions about candida that prevent people from really doing what they need to get rid of it.

We believe we “eat” candida. – While a diet of excess sugars can make the symptoms of candida worse, diet in any form, does NOT cause this problem!! If the junk food diet caused candida overgrowth then we all would have it… and we don’t. The problem is that we read that diet is the cause and then go on these extremely restrictive unhealthy diets for months or even years with ultimately no benefit. I talk with people every day that have followed these diets for months and the very day they vary from these unhealthy diets their symptoms return, often worse than before. If your yeast overgrowth is systemic throughout your body any diet changes will ultimately be ineffective!

Not Realizing How Severe The Problem Is – If we believe that our yeast overgrowth is localized say to the digestive system and the vaginal area but it actually has become systemic, and then we may never realize that these two problems are different and must be addressed in different ways. Once the yeast has become systemic the only thing that will address it from head to toe is oxygen – as the organism is anaerobic in nature. By continuing to manage systemic yeast overgrowth in a localized way will never result in eliminating the problem. To find out if your issues have become systemic take our Candida Test on this site and submit it to our offices. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleansing you will ever find, contact us today at 1-888-454-8464.

Belief that Candida and Allergies are linked – While it is very possible to have both allergies and a yeast overgrowth at the same time they are not linked but parallel. If you have had allergies all your life they are probably genuine – caused by an over-active immune system. If however, your developed adult allergies after you developed your candida overgrowth these “allergies” are likely false allergies and are driven by the immune stimulating factors of candida. We have found that these types of allergies usually disappear once the yeast problem is brought under control.

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